Digital Audio Multiplexer


The UFM-30MUX is a module-type digital audio multiplexer designed to superimpose 8-channel AES/EBU signals (4 stereo pairs) on 3G-SDI, HD-SDI or SD-SDI signals. One AES input feed can also be used as LTC input. With LTC input, multiplexing time code on ANC is possible.


  • Multiplexes 4 pairs of AES/EBU signals (8 channels) onto SDI signals

  • Supports 3G-SDI Level A/B

  • Free assign any 24-ch audio source (16 SDI de-embedded and 8 AES/EBU input) to any of 16 embedded audio channels of SDI output

  • Includes sample rate converter for AES/EBU input

  • Switching from AES IN 7/8 to LTC IN allows LTC input support. Time code can be embedded into the ANC area of SDI Output

  • Enables SDI signal input to bypass output when the power is turned off or bypass mode is selected

  • UFM-30MUXAI: Analog audio input option. Equipped with connector for independent LTC time code input
    *With asynchronous audio sources, audio channels can be freely mapped on a per-group basis, not per-channel

Block Diagram