UFM Frame (6 Modules)


The UF-106B is a UFM frame with superior reliability and maintainability. It can hold up to 6 UFM modules.

  • Holds up to six UFM modules and provides high universality in a compact, EIA 1 RU size design.

  • Allows installation of redundant power supply UF-106BPS. (When the UF-106BPS is installed, a maximum of four modules can be installed.)

  • Supports hot-swapping of power supply and installed modules.

  • Boards are easily replaced from the front side without removing rear cables.

  • LED Alarm sensors and status indicators are displayed on the front panel. Alarms can be output to external devices.

  • Includes genlock input for distributing genlock signals to all installed modules.

  • Control card is used for remote control interface. (Optional)