Quad Viewer (P-in-P)


Featuring 5 Split Screens and Three Types of Picture-in-Picture Screens.

  • 8 pre-set split screen layouts of 2-split, 3-split (x2), 4-split, or P-in-P (x3) provided.

  • Half-size windows in 2- and 3-split screen displays allow for any part of the original input images to be viewed.

  • VTR input / output connectors.

  • 2 x zoom views on playback.

  • Auto sequential switch function between four channels.

  • Freeze camera input views as necessary

  • Asynchronous, color or B/W, and mixed inputs supported

  • Remote control and alarm interface

  • Date/Time display (with an external time corrector)

  • Up to 8 characters per camera channel, title display


  • Shop Surveillance.

  • Surveillance in commercial institutions, such as banks, hotels, amusement centers, and theaters.

  • Surveillance in industrial institutions, such as manufacturing lines, etc.