Multi Viewer


Up to 32 Inputs with 4-Screen Outputs

The MV-3200 series is a multi viewer offering a multi-monitor display environment suited to your system by selecting and installing the required input and output cards on a 2U frame. Up to 4 input and 2 output cards can be installed on the frame, for a multi viewer with a maximum of 32 inputs and 4 outputs. Supports mixed input of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, analog composite and DVI (analog and digital) signals.

Input/Output Images


MV-3200MF2U size frame allowing installation of up to 4 input cards and 2 output cards.

Input card

MV-32HSDI3G-SDI (LEVEL-A), HD-SDI or SD-SDI: 8 inputs
MV-32AIAnalog composite: 8 inputs
MV-32AILAnalog composite: 4 inputs
  • Allows loopthrough for each input

MV-32PCIDVI-I: 3 inputs
  • DVI-I: 3 inputs

MV-32AAIEnables analog audio 16 channel input.
D-sub 25 pin (female) x 2
8 stereo channels, balanced and unbalanced
MV-32DAIEnables AES audio 16 channel input.
BNC x 8
8 stereo channels, unbalanced

Output card

MV-32PCDODVI-I output 2 channels
Can display maximum of 32 video windows and 4 clock windows with 2 channels together for DVI-I output


MV-32PSRedundant Power supply unit
MV-32FPFront control panel
MV-32RT90 degree rotated output
  • SD-SDI is not supported)

MV-32SNMPSNMP support

Supports Mixed Input of Various Signals

Supports mixed input of analog composite, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and DVI signal by combining input cards (asynchronous input allowed). The lineup includes multiple cards to support your types and number of input signals (see table on the left). You can select a single optimal unit to suit your system size and input signal type.

Video Window Display of Each Output

Enables up to 32 video windows for each output card. The input video of your choice can be selected for each video window and the same input video can be displayed on multiple windows.

Time Display, Count Up/Down Timer, Remaining Time Counter

A maximum of 4 clocks can be displayed for each output card. Also, if not used as a clock display, it can be used as a count-up/count-down timer and remaining time counter.

Layout Editor

The layout editor, which operates on a PC, comes standard, letting you change various settings such as split patterns and title display freely  a PC. The layout screen can be saved on the main unit memory in up to 32 patterns. By using the dedicated remote control software, layout patterns saved on the main unit can be recalled easily.

Audio Level Display

A function is provided to display the level of the embedded audio signal that is superimposed on HD/SD-SDI. Also, by installing an analog audio or AES/EBU audio card into an input card slot, their levels also can be displayed.

Tally Display/ Title Display

  • Tally display: Can be selected  frame tally or marker tally indicator. Two tally indicators can be set per window.

  • Title display: Up to two strings of text can be displayed for each input. Supports display of alphanumeric characters and symbols (up to 16 letters), which can be displayed within or outside the picture.

Output card Independent Operation

Up to 2 output cards can be installed on a 2U frame, each operating independently. If one card malfunctions, the other one can display 32 inputs.