Chroma Keyer


The MBP-100CK is a high performance chroma keyer with FOR-A's unique algorithm.

  • 4:4:4:4 Internal Process

  • HD/SD-SDI 3 inputs, 8 outputs

  • Easy set-up by Auto Chroma Key function

  • Edge color replacement

  • Filtering to eliminate flickering

  • Internal Delay Lines (7 frames)

  • 2 Independent Mixers

  • Still Store Function

  • GUI Control Software

MBP-RUA: Remote Control Unit

  • Intuitive operation using touch panel and button controls
    - 7-inch full color VGA LCD (with touch panel): For display and operation of control GUI
    - Switches: Frequently-used, predefined functions can be freely assigned to switches
    - Dials: Chroma key adjustment, parameter adjustment

  • Can be used with the MBP-12GUI

  • Control of multiple (up to five) MBP-1244 boards is possible from a single MBP-RUA