LTO Server


Protect Valuable Assets

The LTS-60 functions as an LTFS-based media archiving server for LTO-6 tapes, and allows LTO tape files to be read and written via FTP from Windows or OS X computers. Ideal as a small-scale archiving and backup solution.

Main Applications

  • Backup/archiving of nonlinear project data

  • Backup/archiving of editing material or files used in broadcast production, exchanging data on LTO tapes

  • Archiving of mixed material (video and data files), and other applications


  • Comprehensive file backup/archiving

  • Auto-generating proxy video during archiving

  • Complete data archiving to LTO

  • LTO duplication

  • Connection with LTR series products

  • Options

Start with simple system with LTS-60 and LTS-MAM and expand on your demand

LTS-60 deployment in a network environment dramatically streamlines workflows that involve backup, archiving, or repurposing of material.

  • Data backup for NLE systems

  • Reuse of material on LTO cartridges (using partial retrieve)

  • Management of material using MediaConcierge

  • Archiving from a file server

  • Exchange of material with the LTR-100HS/120HS

  • Transfer of re-edited video files to the video server, reuse, and so on