2M/E - 3M/E Digital Video Switcher


FOR-A’s HVS-4000 is a 2 M/E, 2.5 M/E, or 3 M/E multi format video switcher. It has a wide range of features, including HD/SD mixed input, 3 Gbps support, 2.5D and 3D DVE, multiviewer, up/down converter, external device control, macro function and video file support. It also comes with a number of interfaces and functions for connecting to external devices, making it extremely useful as the core device in your video production system.

  • 2 M/E, 2.5 M/E, and 3 M/E models

  • Five types of Control Panel

  • Supports HD/SD Mixed Input

  • Supports 3 Gbps Signal (option)

  • Maximum 48 Inputs and 28 Outputs

  • Up/Down Converter

  • Up to 18 Keyers

  • AUX Bus Dedicated DSK

  • Combiner Function (to be supported in the future)

  • Maximum 12-channel Still Stores

  • Multi-viewer

  • DVE


  • Color Corrector

  • Macro Function

  • Sequence Function

  • Event Memory

  • Clip drive unit

  • External Device Control