Virtual Studio/RCG System


digiStorm: An exciting creation of the combined expertise of FOR-A and Brainstorm

"digiStorm" is the state-of -the art on-air graphics solution created by the joint development efforts of FOR-A and Brainstorm Multimedia. When the technological resources of FOR-A, a hardware manufacturer and virtual studio integrator, and Brainstorm's eStudio, a virtual studio software program which has been well-established throughout the world, are fused together, the resulting synergy effect opens up a world of "broadcast graphics". Through this new and exciting on-air graphics solution, immediate form is instantly given to the powers of creative imagination.

The digiStorm Advantage

Offered by FOR-A and Brainstorm Multimedia, digiStorm is a system solution providing numerous features for smooth operation of broadcast graphics and virtual studios. The hardware design is based on FOR-A's accumulated technology and extensive expertise in the system integration field. A number of software packages are also provided to facilitate setup and operation.
With digiStorm, operation processes become simpler. Some of the key technologies used in digiStorm are presented here.