Simple Titler


Compact and cost efficient simple titler.  
Offers text display, graphic display, and mixing at an affordable price.


    • Two models lineup
      - Supports 3G/HD-SDI input and output
      - Supports 3G/HD-SDI input, 3G/HD-SDI/HDMI output and 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI conversion
      - On/Off remote control (Commercial remote control unit required)

    • Static PNG /Animated / IMAG logo insertion

    • Two independent text overlays support fix, horizontal crawl and vertical roll

    • Independent multi-lingual support for text overlay

    • Embedded audio supported: Blank, Pass, Mute

    • Two modes installed:
      internal mixing mode and fill/key output mode

    • Fill and key mixing over live background video or uploaded graphics

    • Over 70 frames of graphic playback buffer

    • Ideal for a range of signage applications

    • External reference input available

    • Last page is shown after reboot

    Operation Images

    Examples of use