Video Stabilizer


Digital video stabilizer to correct unwanted camera movement and many forms of vibration. The IVS-710HS provides real-time correction focused on unwanted camera motion while maintaining camera pan and tilt movement. Supports HD/SD-SDI input and output. The IVS-710HS offers high-performance video processing in a compact, 1/2U body. Ideal for eliminating unwanted motion from weather cameras, hand held news cameras, or program production motion problems.


  • HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats: 1080i, 720p, 525/60, and 625/50

  • Provides real-time motion correction (2-frame delay)

  • Auto detection of camera pan/tilt — only unwanted motion corrected

  • Correction for both live and recorded video

  • Powerful correction: up to 40% of source screen size, vertically or horizontally

  • Sub-pixel precision

  • Straightforward design — simply supply video signals, no special connection required

  • Correction in active area only, preserves blanking data

  • Blanking data transmission timing not affected by correction delay

  • GUI control function via web browser (Option)

  • RS-232C/RS-422/LAN interfaces enable remote control (Option)